Whisky Around Town: GlenCadam 14yr Oloroso

I can’t stand when something shows up randomly through the BC Liquor Store system and I completely miss out. Then I get to sulk while and all my whisk(e)y friends are doing a touchdown dance and high-fiving each other about their great find.

This little column will pop-up now and again to highlight something great that may or not stick around town, as well as provide a little spot for discussion about said item or event. So it’s not so much about me ‘reviewing’ it. I’d rather put up what I know about it and open up the floor to you.

That being said…..
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Whisk(e)y Distilleries Need Blogs Too!

Out of a spark of romanticism – and maybe a little curiosity, I decided to take a stroll around the digital block to visit one of my old favourite haunts so to speak  – the Bruichladdich Distillery blog by Mark Reynier. 

I guess I just wanted to see if maybe, just maybe – I just simply missed getting a notification. And that there was maybe one of their trademark funny, often snarky but usually informative blog posts just sitting there waiting to be read. That maybe it had been taken over by someone and was resurrected just like the distillery was in 2000.

Sadly – there wasn’t. There was no notification. There was no blog post.

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Auto-Listening – Is It Possible?

Scotch whisky is widely regarded to be a product of old world traditions.

Well, OK maybe not quite “ancient” traditions, but the the folklore that whisky carries along with it, what with the Scottish stone castles and simple machinery is really not that far off base – and in some cases it’s the old world traditions and stories of old that really make a whisky.

So for me, as a student of the still establishing discipline of social media, it’s interesting and as a complete whisky nerd and lover, to see how these old world distilleries are stepping up on the front lines of social media as digital representatives of their distilleries.

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Environmentally Sound Distilleries: Lean Mean n’ Green Whisky Machines

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Whisk(e)y seems in essence to be one of the most naturally pure products produced in the world today.

If you think of it – the only ingredients (minus the  possibility of E150A caramel colouring – that’s another post altogether) are water, malted barley, yeast, wood, environment rich air, and of course – time.

Barley FieldSo it’s hard to believe that creating whisky would leave a big environmental footprint.

But the Scotch Whisky industry is very busy producing its glorious nectar for the world – and doing so leaves a sizeable mark.

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Top Ten: Whisk(e)y Bottle Designs

Ok – I’ll put out a very clear and simple disclaimer.

This Top 10 list of whisk(e)y bottle designs represents my personal favorite bottle designs based entirely from whisk(e)y bottles I’ve actually either:

  • held in my own two hands (very carefully) or
  • been lucky enough to have enjoyed the wonderful contents from within

So while there’s some fantastic examples out there – this blue-collar, somewhat realistic, under $400 list is not dedicated for them.

However, if you do know of some amazing bottle designs – please feel free to share by commenting below! I’d love to see them!

With all that said – let’s get to it – from starting from number 10 all the way to my opinion on the number one whisk(e)y design. Cheers!

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Transparent Whisk(e)y?

It almost seems odd to mention the words whisk(e)y and Internet in the same sentence.

One adheres to traditions and old world methods that have changed little in hundreds of years – while the other term refers to a new frontier of communication and being connected to information by technology like never before.

glassBut even if it does seem odd – the inevitable meeting between whisk(e)y and the Internet has brought forward an interesting case study.

What happens when the old world of whisk(e)y meets the social media driven community of the Internet? Well, what did happen was an absolute explosion of online content.

High powered content too.

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