Monthly Archives: April 2013

Transparent Whisk(e)y?

It almost seems odd to mention the words whisk(e)y and Internet in the same sentence.

One adheres to traditions and old world methods that have changed little in hundreds of years – while the other term refers to a new frontier of communication and being connected to information by technology like never before.

glassBut even if it does seem odd – the inevitable meeting between whisk(e)y and the Internet has brought forward an interesting case study.

What happens when the old world of whisk(e)y meets the social media driven community of the Internet? Well, what did happen was an absolute explosion of online content.

High powered content too.

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A man walks into a whisk(e)y bar….

Actually. It wasn’t really like that at all. It wasn’t that easy.

I am, like many others, a guy with a lot of interests.

And maybe I’ve taken a while to figure out what makes me tick. But what I have found out that it takes quite a mix of different things to make me tick. Namely, music, writing, photography and whisk(e)y culture. Put together a cauldron filled with these things, and I’m a happy guy.

Take any of them away, and I’ll go off in search of them.

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