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Auto-Listening – Is It Possible?

Scotch whisky is widely regarded to be a product of old world traditions.

Well, OK maybe not quite “ancient” traditions, but the the folklore that whisky carries along with it, what with the Scottish stone castles and simple machinery is really not that far off base – and in some cases it’s the old world traditions and stories of old that really make a whisky.

So for me, as a student of the still establishing discipline of social media, it’s interesting and as a complete whisky nerd and lover, to see how these old world distilleries are stepping up on the front lines of social media as digital representatives of their distilleries.

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Environmentally Sound Distilleries: Lean Mean n’ Green Whisky Machines

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Whisk(e)y seems in essence to be one of the most naturally pure products produced in the world today.

If you think of it – the only ingredients (minus the  possibility of E150A caramel colouring – that’s another post altogether) are water, malted barley, yeast, wood, environment rich air, and of course – time.

Barley FieldSo it’s hard to believe that creating whisky would leave a big environmental footprint.

But the Scotch Whisky industry is very busy producing its glorious nectar for the world – and doing so leaves a sizeable mark.

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