Whisky Around Town: GlenCadam 14yr Oloroso

I can’t stand when something shows up randomly through the BC Liquor Store system and I completely miss out. Then I get to sulk while and all my whisk(e)y friends are doing a touchdown dance and high-fiving each other about their great find.

This little column will pop-up now and again to highlight something great that may or not stick around town, as well as provide a little spot for discussion about said item or event. So it’s not so much about me ‘reviewing’ it. I’d rather put up what I know about it and open up the floor to you.

That being said…..

The GlenCadam 14yr

Glencadam 14yr at BC Liquor StoreI’ve been lucky enough to try this one out – and remember it as being a great example of what a very ‘clean’ and bright sherry cask is all about.

Under the hood on this one, from what I know, is that it’s known as the rather enriched being finished for about 16 months in Oloroso sherry casks – giving it a rounded yet dry and nutty fruitiness at a nice strength of 46%.

Overall I’d have to say I’m a big fan of GlenCadam whiskies – though I find their price-point to be on the high-side. So sadly, for us out here in Vancouver, GlenCadam is a bit of an occasional treat.

Anyone outside of Canada reading this might be surprised to know that even the flagship 10 year (available at private stores) runs a good $115-120. I fell in love with the standard 15 year through I tasting that I did and was blown away with it’s ability to be bright and crisp – yet still have enough depth to keep you interested.

And I still am interested. But not if I have to pick it up for over $150 a bottle. That’s also why it’s so great seeing this offering roll through. Because it’s very reasonably priced ($124.99 BCLDB) and certainly worth picking up in my books if you can.

Weigh in if you’ve had it, fell in love with it or didn’t so much care for it.


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